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Bethany Price thought her life was normal--until she met Austin. She grew up a rich girl, but because of her big heart, she decided not live a lavish life where she got everything she wanted. In fact, she didn't even get the guy she wanted in the beginning. He turned out to be a money-grabbing heart breaker. This is where she met Austin: on the beach after running away from her last boyfriend. He took her to the ship where she was held "prisoner". But her stay on the NAS Shademagic didn't last long--the captain, Zerebeth tried to kill Beth, and the only way to keep Bethany safe was for Austin to take her down to the wild, untamed jungles of South America. There Bethany goes on the most incredible journey of her life...

Mystery of Clouds and all its parts are (c) Arenoptara (Arenoptara's deviantArt page)

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